Innovation is often defined as the ‘next big thing’, something that breaks the mould and is earth-shatteringly different. However, I believe that innovation can come in all different shapes and sizes – it can be something as simple and little (in the eyes of the consumer or your CMO) as a new packaging feature or as big as  extending into a new category.

As an innovator, I know the importance innovation can play in the lifespan of a brand. Most importantly, innovations need to keep the brand fresh in the eyes of the consumer. They should be true to the brand and express a fundamental truth held within the product. Equally, the innovation must solve a consumer problem in a way which is relevant to the brand and its purpose.

Similarly, the theatre around your innovation is critical to its success. Creating purposeful innovation is important, but so is the experience which accompanies the innovation. This could be an app, a creative retail experience, an interactive piece of advertising or even a second life for the innovation once used. The experience plays an important role in helping the innovation to succeed, standout in a crowded world, and be sustainable.

All too often we see great innovations but they don’t link back to the brand or they have not created an engaging  experience for the consumer. Brand owners wonder why the innovation wasn’t successful or hasn’t helped to improve tracking equities.

Little Big Innovation focuses on delivering brand-led renovation innovation – innovations which solve a consumer problem, strengthen brand health, add true commercial value and have a sustainable future.