Problem: SABMiller aspired to make beer the most admired beverage in the world. To meet this challenge, SABMiller wanted consumers to reappraise lager and see their lager brands as occupying multiple sub-categories with multiple benefits. Innovation was critical to this aspiration, but an innovation project of this nature had not been done before by the business.

Solution: Creation of a repeatable process which was applied to all brand-led innovation projects, and rolled out across the business' global footprint, ensuring consistent levels of output. The new process had flexibility so it could be adapted across brands and countries, but with common inputs, objectives, experts and outputs.

Success: Over 25 global innovations were launched within the first year of the process rolling out. 7 Innovation Pipelines built for use across 78% of SABMiller’s brands. Highest percentage of 5 and 4 star concepts from a Brainjuicer research for SABMiller. 

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