Problem: In sophisticated and developed markets, lager is loosing share to white wine. Lager needs to fight back by increasing its relevance in mixed-gender occasions

Solution: Extensive research showed an opportunity to create a new-to-world lager which offered consumers a viable alternative to white wine. At SABMiller, we termed this opportunity space áromatic lager’ – a lager whose character was highly aromatic on the nose, yet easy drinking and not bitter. Alongside the creation of a liquid, a brand proposition was developed and tested through an on-trade trial.

Success: Research showed that we had a winning liquid and brand proposition. An on-trade pilot during the Summer 2016 showed huge potential with Cloudhopper, outselling a number of well known lagers and taking share away from white wine and long-based spirits. Both consumers and trade gave the proposition the seal of approval and requested it be launched.

SABMiller was subsequently acquired by ABInBev. This project is being supported in ABInBev's Innovation Funnel.